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Soft, durable and comfortable, possibly the best dive strap you’ll ever buy! Your strap comes complete with buckle and keepers, if you like to have additional spare keepers or buckles, please check the ISOfrane spare parts product category
A modern dive strap with the look and feel of the original ISOfrane straps of the 1960s – the ISOfrane 1968 strap
The RS buckle is a forged all stainless steel buckle with a screw pin, the name reflects the design and purpose of the design, the RS buckle resembles the original buckle on all isofrane straps from 1960s, made of solid stainless, the construction of the buckle features an added security feature, that holds the strap in place even if the straps comes loose out of the keepers.
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55 reviews for ISOFRANE STRAPS


    best dive strap in the world!!! VERY VERY COMFY FOR EVERYDAY USE AND LOOKS GREAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS AQUADIVE AND ISOFRANE AND SYNCHRON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Mr. K

    I have been looking for a strap to replace my Original steel strap on my Omega diver Pro 300 . I finally found it and am never taking it off .
    Thumbs up isofrane …well done

  3. Costin Barzon from Romania

    I read a lot of reviews on internet about ISOFRANE products. Finally, this summer I decided to buy one for my Omega Seamaster Professional Chronograph – 20 mm ORANGE 🙂
    The strap was delivered in a few days in Romania by FeDex.
    I opened the package and … it smells like vanilla … as it should.
    It is very well designed, it is a true successor of old Omega Ploprof legendary design.
    It’s flexible, very nice feeling on the wet skin.
    My conclusion after a few days: BEST in her class.

  4. Pablo Rodriguez

    When you own a ROLLS ROYCE you can argue about colors, engine size or models but at the end of the day its a ROLLS ROYCE one of the best cars in the world.

    To me, after a few hours of research online, Isoframe straps are just the same, amazing design, best quality..and not for everyone, unfortunatly I wont recomend this on CASIOS.


  5. Michael Van Elsberg

    I’ve had others and they just don’t compare. The Isofrane is the most comfortable by far and has a much higher-level of fit and finish–and that extends to the quality of the material compound in the rubber as well as the quality of the buckle. I’m seriously thinking about replacing all of my other straps, including fine leather straps, premium nylon (so-called NATO/G10), and stainless-steel with Isofranes. I plan to purchase one of every color and wear them all of the time. They are absolutely everything they are reputed to be and more.

  6. Bob, N/E Ohio

    I liked my orange strap so much I purchased a second one in black for my Marinemaster 300M. Great strap Isofrane!

  7. JT

    This strap is fantastic. Soft but sturdy; great rubber. My watch is a heavy watch and so it flops around my wrist with other bands on it. Not so with the Isofrane (although I don’t think that it’s so much because the strap is heavy, but rather because the rubber has the slightest bit of grip on my wrist. However, it doesn’t pull on my skin or hair and it doesn’t collect lint and dust.)

    There are 2 things that you should make sure that you notice before you buy: (1) the thickness of the band – it’s thicker than most plastic, resin, or fake rubber bands (but probably not as thick as a metal bracelet); (2) the buckle. Mine sticks out from my wrist just a bit. I don’t know if other buckles lie closer to the wrist.

    If you want to know what others think of this strap, search for isofrane on the forums (or just paste the entirety of this URL into your browser):

  8. Mark, Auckland New Zealand

    I wanted a 22mm in orange but I already had a 22mm in blue with the RS buckle so the folks at Synchron kindly sold me just the strap with no buckle so I can just swap the buckles between straps.

    As expected, my new 22mm orange is top quality and it smells great! I will be using it on a Stowa Prodiver and Omega Planet Ocean, two quite chunky watches that should team up nicely with the thick Isofrane.

    Yes there are other cheaper straps on the market but in terms of design, functionality and choice of colour, nothing gets close to Isofrane. Must…resist…buying…turquoise…Iso.

  9. steven winkler

    this is my 8th or 9th isofrane strap i lost count usually prefer the black color for its flexibility and comfort and prefer the rs buckle with the dlc coating so it blens in to the black strap!!some think aloit of $ for a rubber strap but trust me once you have one you will agree worth everey penney!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Anonymous

    Fits well on the planet ocean and great quality and well designed strap! Will be buying more in other colours and for other watches.

  11. John

    Soft, minimal break-in time, smells great, and looks fantastic. What more could you want?

    ISOfranes are easily the greatest rubber straps you can buy for your watch.

  12. Rich

    I have a beautiful Omega Planet Ocean and an older Omega Seamaster GMT. Both came with very nice bracelets.

    I now have Isofrane straps on both watches. In day to day use your straps are exceptional. They are very attractive with a design and finish that is second to none. As important, you make the most comfortable strap I’ve ever used.

    Your straps have the slightest amount, just the right amount, of elasticity. When diving this difference is huge. It allows the watch to comfortably and securely stay in place. This is more appreciable if you ever used another band. Even during regular daily activities, like hiking, running, swimming or desk diving, the difference in quality and comfort is significant.

  13. Doulos Christos

    The right strap for the right watch. Give your watch the finishing look and feel. Isofrane straps are flexible and provide a perfect fit. The RS buckle is the right size and looks great. Well worth the money!

  14. Cole

    This strap is definitely worth the price. It’s reasonably soft with out feeling fragile and most importantly it’s comfortable. The narrowly spaced sizing slots which allow for a very precise fit even on smaller wrists.

  15. Anonymous

    I ordered a black in 24mm, and found shipping to be extremely fast. The quality of the product I received was to expectation, and the comfortability of wear exceptional.

    The strap was large for my small wrist, meaning I wear it on the last notch, but the material grips more than well enough to keep a heavy case from sliding. It also seems like when I first put on the strap, and it is cold, it fits slightly differently then after it warms to body temperature when it seems to shape itself to the wrists better.

    Overall, this is a pricey piece of rubber but you don’t have to own one very long too see why so many people love them. This really is a perfect dive strap.

  16. Rich

    I purchased an Omega Planet Ocean a few months ago. Though it came with a nice strap, I am happily replacing it with a new Isofrane Strap.

    As stated, the Omega strap is nice but if you want a beautiful and very comfortable REAL dive strap, I found Isofrane to be the finest available. That it is a fraction of the cost of the Omega Strap is an added bonus.

  17. Michael

    the quality and design are top notch, it is in a class by itself. When you are ready for the best, here it is.

  18. Ross

    Absolutely the most comfortable strap I have ever worn.

  19. Jose

    Great strap, great fitting and very comfortable, so far look very durable and resistant

  20. stephen brownh

    Would have rated 5, but keepers are very hard to thread with the strap.

  21. Anonymous

    I’ve got two of these now in 20mm, black and NATO green. Excellent product, worth the money. A great way to breathe new life into an old diver like my 30-year old Submariner 5513. Got the second one for my other watch, an OWC 5517 Milsub. Another perfect fit. Highly recommended.

  22. Diver Down

    Maybe it’s the vanilla aroma talking here but this is the softest, easiest to wear dive strap made & one of the best straps I’ve had. Very impressed with the level of quality and packaging.

  23. melvinchen

    throw away all the other rubbish straps!


    I have purchased many of your isofrane straps-I love the supple softness of the black one but all the colors are great-I know alot of people are hesitent in spendsing $100.00 plus for a rubber watch strap but TRUST ME once you get one you will see why-and probabally want to grt more-you simply cannot buy a better more comfy and durable and good looking dive strap-PERIOD!!!! nothing even comes close to an isofrane in all aspects-BUY ONE AND YOU WILL BE CONVINCED!!!!!

  25. Mark Hurley

    This is my 7th isofrane strap, I have purchased them for Panerai 24 and 243, Seiko 300m’s, SKX007’s, SKX173’s, and Doxa’s. These straps far exceed the oem rubber straps for these watches and really help distribute the weight of heavy dive watches plus they are very pliable and comfortable. They cost more than the average dive strap but are the best made rubber dive strap available.

  26. Merv, London

    One of the best rubber straps I’ve owned and looks great on my BPFF. Very comfortable and multi adjustable for a perfect fit on the wrist. Feels robust and I’m sure it will last a long time. Service from Isofrane was excellent.

  27. Anonymous

    super bracelet très bien fini. en orange va parfaitement bien à ma Breitling Super Océan ; original, change de l’origine!

  28. Giuseppe

    I purchased a Isofrane’s strap 3 months ago, because I needed a comfortable and practical watch strap for mine Omega Seamaster 1200 PloProf.
    What I can say? Isofrane is an excellent product and far above other similar straps.
    I am very happy with it : thank you Isofrane, quality worth the price.


    I have purchased more than 25 straps and could not be more happy-the customer service is second to none!!! I have 22mm all black with one orange which is a GREAT color!! I always go for the RS/DLC buckle because I think its looks and feels the best!!no other dive strap for any price compares to the look -comfort-and quality of an ISOFRANE!!! ISOFRANE the first and still the BESTdive strap in the whole world-nothing even comes close to an ISOFRANE!!! Thanks Aquadive& Isofrane & Synchron watch group!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Hi!@-Well I jusr received about my 30th ISOFRANE strap. I usuall get the 22mm black RS/DLC buckle but I just received a couple of days ago a nato(green) 22mm RS/DLC strap and I must say I love the color of the green maybe more than the black? what I ntice is the green is a very slight bit stiffer than the black which I like for a thicker diver to hold the watch more centered-but you cant go wrong with either color-those are my (2) primary color choices for now on!one thing I wish was not changed was the tang on the RS/DLC BUCKLE does not sit flush in the recessed cutout like before-I liked it when the tang sat flush in the recessed cutout in the buckle -it gave for a much cleaner look and you did not have the sharp corner of the tang raised up-after have so many isofranes I really do not see or understand the need for the change? BUT THE RUBBER STRAP CONTINUES AND WILL ALWAYS BE THE BEST DIVE STRAP MADE IN THE WORLD-I knoiw many companies have tried to copy the design and material ,but i beleive no one has come close to the fit and feel of an ISOFRANE!!! Thanks ISOFRANE

  31. Brian

    is there any chance of a 24mm OD Green coming out? by far the best strap purchase(s) I’ve made.

  32. Anonymous

    It’s very very soft touching and flexible rubber. I got 3 straps now and plan to own more. One thing I have to say about IN buckle, its flat tongue is not z shape like RS buckle. That pushes strap surface out from wrist curve : (
    But overall is marvelous rubber strap, I love it.

  33. Bernd

    Fells comfortabel, fixes the watch just in the right position of my wrist.

  34. Steven Winkler

    This is my 28th or so ISOFRANE strap what more can I say it is the most comfortable best looking longest lasting strap for a dive watch in the world! I really like the RS/DLC BUCKLE(S) because the RS BUCKLE lays so flat and comfy and the DLC COATING which will never scratch blends in so nice with any color strap especially the black color!Ben overseas is a GREAT GUY at aquadive and isofrane and Andy in the usa is also a GREAT GREAT GUY! and AQUADIVE &ISOFRANE customer service is second to none! GREAT JOB GUYS!!!

  35. Tim D.

    The Isofrane strap is gently flexible, offering a perfect fit, yet literally feels ‘cool’ over the skin on a hot day. Odor does not build up where watch meets wrist. The buckle as well as the two floating keepers stay immovably secure. The buckles deserve particular mention for their superb quality: the black DLC matches my Tegimented Sinn far better than an PVD hardware.

    I personally often have issues with straps being too small for my 19cm wrist but the Isofrane offers more than enough room should my wrist grow from taking up boxing again.

    I always feel forced to order custom straps because of the poor quality and sizing of IEM straps, but the Isofrane offers me a cheaper and more comfortable alternative. The only reason I will continue to buy custom straps is for fashion sense–in all practicality, the Isofrane is a better choice.


    HI! What more can I say ,its an ISOFRANE! I have purchased more ISOFRANES than I can count! LOVE THEM ALL! I usually but not allways prefer the black strap with the R/S BUCKLE (either dlc (or) brushed) and the customer service and super fast shipping is second to none! I would like to say a special hello to Ben overseas and Andy over here in the states! and a special thanks to everyone else at AQUADIVE & ISOFRANE & SYNCHRON WATCH GROUP! ISOFRANE THE ONLY STRAP A DIVE WATCH SHOULD HAVE ON! PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Matthew

    I was a bit skeptical when ordering, even though I’ve only heard good things….well they are all true! Incredible fit, quality, the band doesn’t slip at all, really chamged the look of my watch and will wear it more more now as i didnt like the strap it came with.

  38. Steven Winkler

    This is my 25-30 ISOFRANE strap and I think I have said all I can say about hoe GREAT GREAT these straps are! I personally like to go for the traditional black strap in either 22mm or 20mm with rthe brushes RS BUCKLE! VERY NOSTALGIC!!! But you cant go wrong with a beautiful nato green or blue or the eye catching beautiful orange! I personally like the feel of the RS BUCKLE more than the IN BUCKLE BUT BOTH ARE FANTASTIC! Trust me forget about price and buy one and I promise you will never change to another strap!!!

  39. Shaun from Phoenix

    This strap exudes a feeling of top quality & thoroughness of design. The rubber itself is soft & flexible while feeling tough & durable. The ‘ladder” design allows the skin to breath for added comfort. The keepers can be slightly difficult to engage, but do not wonder once aligned.
    Easily recommended…….

  40. win

    By far the best rubber watch band. Soft, durable and looks great.
    I swim, run, dive and workout with my watch. Rarely take it off. No red marks, no rash or reaction with the rubber, water and/or sweat.
    I have tried almost every rubber band on the market and Isofrane is by far the best. Worth every penny.

  41. Steven Winkler

    I have bought mant ISOFRANES for all my seiko dive watches! they are the most comfortable rubber strap in the world! the RS BUCKLE lays so flat and I love the fact that it has a screw instead of a cheap spring bar that could pop off and there goes your nice dive watch! I feel people are afraid or dont want to spend that much on a rubber strap! BUT PLEASE TRUST ME ONCE YOU GET AND WEAR ONE YOU WILL SEE WHY IT IS WORTH EVERY PENNEY AND MORE THAT YOU PAID! ISOFRANE is the only strap I wear on any of my dive watches1

  42. Alessandro M. from Italy

    After several trials with different rubber bands (included the genuine OEM straps of several prestigious brands) I can affirm that the best rubber band that you can buy for your watch is the isofrane one.
    The rubber is no too soft and not too hard, the manufacturing is perfect and the buckles are safe and confortable. It costs the right for the quality that it offers. Moreover buy with trust because the guys that works there are kind and serious and reply to any questions and needs very quickly.

  43. Steven Winkler

    I have many ISOFRANES all of my straps are black with the BRUSHED RS BUCKLE- My straps are 22mm and 20mm for all my SEIKO DIVERS and my (1) loved DOXA 1200T PROFFESIONAL which is on a black 20mm RS buckle ISOFRANE! tJHERE MAY BE COPYS OF ISOFRANES OUT THERE FOR LESS MONEY, but trust me none come close to the fit and finish and comfort and style and especially the BRUSHED RS BUCKLE ON THE CLASSIC BLACK STRAP- A MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN! The only strap I have on all my dive watches are ISOFRANES with the excecption of my CASIO DW6900-IV G-SHOCK watch which I have the stock strap which suits the liteweight watch just fine and is my watch I can just wear and not tjhink about damaging it! But my BELOVED SEIKO DIVERS & AND MY (I) DOXA all live on ISOFRANE 20MM & 22MM black ISIOFRANE STRAPS WITH THE BRUSHED RS BUCKLE! Please dont make the mistake and save money to buy a lookalike isofrane copy, nothing feels like an original one and only ISOFRANE RUBBER DIVE WATCH STRAP! Wotth every penney! Some people think they are too much money for a rubber strap, but pleasde trust me they are wiorth every penney you will realize once you wear one! GREAT GREAT GREAT GREAT STRAP!

  44. Peter

    I purchased a black Isofrane strap to replace the similar looking strap that came on my Armida A7. I upgraded because the OEM strap wasn’t as comfortable as I would have liked; it was stiffer/less pliable. The Isofrane solves that problem, and it also anchors the watch better without having to over tighten the strap (which is needed particularly for this Armida model). As for the vanilla scent, I didn’t notice a scent on the Isofrane. The Armida strap had a noticeable vanilla scent at arm’s length, and while I liked it, I appreciate the neutral (nearly absent) scent of this Isofrane. Beyond these points, I agree with the other positive reviews you read here. You won’t be disappointed with an Isofrane.

  45. Steven Winkler

    I have purchased more than 25 isofrane straps mainly the basic blach with the classic brushed rs buckle is my favorite! I have the 20mm and the 22mm size I never really needed the 24mm for any of my SEIKO or DOXA wtches! Isofranes may cost alittle more than the lookalikes- (BUT TRUST ME ONCE YOU BUY AND FEEL THE ISOFRANE AMND THE RS BUCKLE AND HOW FLAT AND COMFY THE BUCKLE SITS YOU WILL BE HOOKED!–TRUST ME BUY ONE AND YOU WILL BE CONVINCED! ISOFRANE THE BEST AND THE ONLY ORIGINAL RUBBER DIVE STRAP YOUR DIVE WATCH SHOULD HAVE ON IT! “ISOFRANE-THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE-PERIOD END OF DISCUSSION!

  46. Joe

    Recently I bought a Seiko “Blue Lagoon” Samurai dive watch – it has a medium-blue dial, and a little turquoise on the bezel. So what better way to complement it than with a turquoise Isofrane strap??! It looks amazing!! Feels even better. This strap is so comfortable I could wear it for a week straight and hardly know anything was on my wrist. It is simply beautiful, and well made. My Seiko is truly eye-catching when on this strap!!!

  47. Anonymous

    I wear a vintage Scubapro 500 automatic dive watch, a classic collectible from the late ’70’s. Its original ISOfrane rubber strap finally gave out after all these years. The new ISOfrane replacement straps is just as sturdy and comfortable as the original, and looks identical. First-rate product.

  48. Steven Winkler

    What more can I say I have so many ISOFRANE straps im not sure how many, every watch I own has an ISOFRANE strap on it! Trust me please just go out and buy one once you wear it for a day you will realize why so many people love the look and comfort of the strap especially with the RS BUCKLE! ISOFRANE straps have convinced me the only thing I will attach to a dive watch is an ISOFRANE-No metal leather nato zulu canvas etc. does not even come close to an ISOFRANE RUBBER DIVE STRAP! BUY JUST ONE AND YOU WILL BE CONVINCED IN WHAT IM SAYING& WILL MOST LIKELY GO FOR DIFFERENT COLORS! I LOVVVVVE ISOFRANE STRAPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Steven Winkler

    I have put alot of reviews about ISOFRANE straps, I think I have said everything about how GREAT – GREAT these straps are! Withour repeating myself- SIMPLY PUT JUST PURCHASE ONE AND TRUST ME YOU WILL BE HOOKED ON THEM AND WILL LIKE TO GET VARIOUS COLORS!The nato green looks fantastic on a black faced diver, the orange color is beautiful on the right watch, and what more can I say about the beauty and comfort of the classic original black strap with the BRUSHED RS buckle! Please see my other reviews in the ISOFRANE testimonial section! Please if you dont have an ISOFRANE strap on your diver, trust me and purchase one, YOU WILL BE CONVINCED!

  50. Steven Winkler

    As some of you know I just LOVE ISOFRANE STRAPS! I have left many many reviews for this wonderful strap online! People ask me how can you spend $129.00 on a rubber strap! What I tell them that this is not just any rubber dive strap! It is bar far the most comfortable, good looking non dust magnet super flexible and we cant forget about the brushed RS BUCKLE that lays so flat on wrist and super secure and just love the rubber keepers ,just put them where you want on thwe strap and forget about them they will not move on there own!I just cant say enough GREAT thing about the ISOFRANE strap !You will even forget your wearing it, its so comfortable! And AQUADIVE customer service is second to none! a great gentleman named Ben overseas the operation, Great person to deal with should you have any questions!

  51. Chris Holweck

    Bought my Isofrane strap to replace my Seiko strap. What a difference! Feels great, strap doesn’t flap around at the end, kicks the look up a notch….What else…just Simply Beautiful!

  52. Steven Winkler

    Hello! I have purchased so many ISOFRANES mostly black but also blue, orange, and the very nice nato green! All my watches are 20mm or 22mm Both buckles are GREAT! I prefer the original look and feel of the RS BUCKLE myself! Some people say thats alot of money for a rubber strap! But trust me once you buy and wear it you will realize it is worth every penney you paid plus more! The look and feel of the ISOFRANE is sacond to none! ISOFRANE straps are on 80% of all my watches!Buy it you will fall in LOVE with the strap!


    Its one of the best straps I ever had for my diver watch.

  54. Charles Smith

    Construction is first rate. Cool and comfortable. Service is just great. Ordered on Sunday, delivered on Tuesday. Throw all your other straps away and replace them all with Isofrane.

  55. Nick

    Love this strap. It looks great and it’s very comfy. It will compliment any dive watch perfectly. I picked it up for my Omega Planet Ocean and it adds a different look to the watch that i like.

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